About Mark

Research has indicated that "free weights" provide a superior level of strength and balance for individuals who use them resulting in men and women alike achieving impressive results. Findlays Fitness believes in a full body approach to training through free weights; this also includes TRX suspension workouts to achieve a full body workout, giving the client an alternative to the gym environment as these workouts can be done outside.

Findlays Fitness uses speed and agility drills, running and sprinting techniques, boxing pad work and cross training to improve all components of fitness.

Core stability and posture are also fundamental to workouts. Core stability is essential for proper load and balance within the spine, pelvis and kinetic chain and therefore will be incorporated into all programmes.

With all these elements of training being exercised at different intensities during workouts; over a period of time the body is stimulated and adapts accordingly thus helping with and improving muscle tone, weight and fat loss.